Design can solve society’s biggest problems… if we cultivate a love of learning through the design process. 
– David Sherwin, Director of User Experience at

I'm driven by the possibility to design for greater ease, happiness, and joy while simultaneously diving into a life of continuous discovery and growth.

I am clear about the distinction between UX and UI- and find great joy in both.  I am fascinated by the future of web and app development, including the Internet of Things, wearables, virtual reality, gamification and especially augmented reality.

I'm a passionate world-traveler, artist and music-lover.  My dreams include riding a motorcycle to South America, creating ambient music, learning to bake mind-blowingly airy pastries, and visiting every country in the world - to name a few.

I am a graduate from the 10-week User Experience Design immersive program at General Assembly, Austin.  I received my BFA from lovely Loyola University Chicago, with a minor in Philosophy
I am also a E-RYT 500+ hour certified Core Strength Vinyasa yoga teacher.  I trained in Kerala, India, and have taught at conferences, retreats and workshops around the world, not to mention online.