Created a fully fleshed out Journey Map for Progress UX and the Security Service Federal Credit Union.


  • 3 week deadline

  • Quickly comprehend full spectrum of researce

  • Create beautiful object for easy consumption of a complex range of data


I worked on understanding and fleshing out the full journey map for the site structure and redesign for Progress UX.

early flow sketches

mapping user's flows

individual user journey example

current system pain points

current system pain points

process outlined

process outlined

yours truly and Jessica Steinbomber

yours truly and Jessica Steinbomber

final SSFCU journey map

I was brought in on this project after it was well under way with the intention of easing the load of the small UX team of 2 by conceptualizing and building out a full Journey Map of the main SSFCU members.



  • Understanding and caring for member's every step is imperative to building brand loyalty.