Created a fully fleshed out Journey Map for Progress UX and the Security Service Federal Credit Union (SSFCU).


  • 3 week deadline

  • Quickly comprehend and demonstrate full spectrum of research

  • Create an easily comprehensible demonstration of a complex range of datum


I worked with a small team at Progress UX  to coalesce their extensive research and formulate it into a singular comprehensible document that effectively encompassed their findings.

our early flow sketches

mapping user's flows

individual user journey example

current system pain-points

current system pain-points

process outlined

process outlined

yours truly and my team member/friend, Jessica Steinbomber

yours truly and my team member/friend,
Jessica Steinbomber

final SSFCU journey map

I was brought in on this project after it was well underway with the intention of easing the load of the small UX team of 2 by conceptualizing and building out a full Journey Map of the main SSFCU members.
I spent a couple weeks downloading the exploratory and generative research they had done, taking extensive photos and asking copious questions during our meetings.

I began to see we would be delineating 5 main stages to the member's journey, with a focus on 5 main thematic opportunities for SSFCU to improve member experience.  I wanted to show the correspondence between the member's Thoughts, Feelings, and their deciding factors, or Moments of Truth.  The visual journey in Doing helped to represent that.  Finally, we offered observed Opportunities for the client to effectively display our most valuable feedback from the research.  


Upon completion, I had:

  • Grogged massive amounts of relevant data and developed a fuller understanding of the stresses and difficulties their members face;

  • formulated a cohesive, comprehensible and easily digestible presentation of the vast amounts of data;

  • Developed a better understanding of the process and power of a User Journey Map;

  • Developed a fuller comprehension of how deeply each step of a member's process is tied to building brand trust and loyalty.

With more time, I would:

  • Deepen my understanding of the research data;

  • Continue to refine the data and the visual presentation;

  • Be delighted to see which, if any, of the opportunities SSFCU decided to implement, and how that went for them.

Next Project: