Here’s a bit more detail into the means I use to employ Design Thinking, improve product viability, and enhance user experience.



Every project begins with an idea. This may be formulated or developed through stakeholder interviews, competitive evaluation or customer research. User interviews are key to truly and effectively building the insights and empathy necessary to serve the member.
From these I’m able to pronouncements, that build insights that help to form value statements. These can help potentially fuel generative personas, storyboards and rough sketches which begin to offer up creative solutions for development.


The collaborative process of discovery is fun and incredibly insightful. My experience with user interviews and generative research helps me create definitive and impactful insights. I encourage and support an open, respectful environment to make sure all ideas are heard which encourages a truly fruitful creative process.

user interviews




With a vision in scope, and an understanding of whom we're serving, it is easier to define features that can best serve the needs of both shareholder and user, prioritized by necessity and ease of manifestation. The goal is really to find the one, most important aspect and prioritize its realization. This way we can focus with proper emphasis, while still incorporating larger scope, high value items for future planning. 


I help the team to understand, emphasize, and prioritize the most viable product, or MVP. With this anchor solidly guiding our efforts, we can best clarify any vague features or requirements, and maximize user desirability with respect to business and technical viability.


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I believe that delivering a powerful product is entirely dependent upon me and the team believing and delivering on a shared vision. Thus it is important to bring shareholders and project team members along for the ride in developing and realizing this vision from the earliest stages, to offer a truly effective solution.


My strong background in User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI)/visual design, and grasp of human-centered empathy (having taught yoga professionally since 2004), give me a unique perspective and insight grounded in human empathy. I implement these empathic soft-skills to keep teams cohesive, communicative, and grounded while effectively maximizing overall project goals.

My varied background has helped me to stay flexible and dynamic, and to develop a full range of pertinent tools to provide unique, insightful, and potent deliverables.