• Brought in to help design a product that would let the client offer their customers a powerful template SaaS to empower them to do internal business self-assessments;

  • I was tasked to help develop a wire-frame concept and clickable interactive prototype.


  • Limited direct knowledge of stakeholders or users;

  • Being the primary designer, at a brand new company;

  • Learning to use the relatively complex program Axure, in-situ;

  • Building a clickable prototype with complex logical processes and multi-layered hierarchical structures and navigation


I was the main designer developing the navigation, UI, wireframes and a final clickable, interactive prototype.  I worked in tandem with an Art Director.

Interactive Prototype

Click to explore the final deliverable

early wireframes to sketch out the interaction flow

a walkthrough of mid-fidelity wire frame pages

I jumped into the fray with a few vital customer and stakeholder interviews that helped me get a sense for the scope and project needs.

The high-level information architecture design had already begun to take shape; so my first goal was to help define an effective process map and content hierarchy.

One of the most important considerations was that the end-user was also the client.

Understanding we’d be designing a templated business-evaluation system that would be offered as a service to a variety of businesses and divisions: so needed to be fluid, yet quite robust.

Once I had a good sense of the all necessary page functions, I threw it all into Axure and was able to refine the process flow as I built the logic for the clickable interface.

Implementing persistent, hierarchical navigation menus, I began to create a flow that would allow the user to easily understand how to create specific, personalized tests for their clients.

The final clickable prototype showcased a full spectrum of customization, including functional mathematical coordinates, various interactive, highly customizable options and components, along with a master slide out side-menu for easy global navigation.  I also created a lo-fi mockup, to help the user see their end product.


This project offered me a great opportunity to gain valuable experience and exposure to some rich levels of complexity, including the power of Axure.

Upon completion, I had:

  • developed a practical, layered information architecture and wireframe format;

  • refined a relatively complicated hierarchical navigational flow suited to the technical savvy of the users that effectively led a user through the steps to completing a powerful project;

  • acquired a fluency with the complexities of Axure;

  • created a final deliverable that won an IBM award for most innovative marketing product.

With more time, I would:

  • Continue to refine the UI and simplify the presentation of the main offerings;

  • Finish the fully interactive clickability of the prototype in Axure;

  • Create a final mockup for project.

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